[INFO] Registrasi Keanggotaan Perpustakaan Nasional RI

Memiliki rujukan sumber informasi yang kredibel dan memiliki skala yang luas yang mencangkup beberapa disiplin ilmu serta genre merupakan hal penting dalam mendapatkan informasi yang akurat serta dapat dipercaya.

Dan saat ini, Perpustakaan Nasional RI telah melanggan beberapa Database Jurnal Nasional dan Internasional terkemuka untuk berbagai bidang ilmu.

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Update Ghost 0.11.3 [Openshift]

First. Let me tell you that it is just another update and I wouldn’t explain the new features as they have been explained here in every developer blog post. Just go and read it.

Second. I will also try to explain it briefly as I assume that you have read the other posts I wrote before here and here.


Someone confirmed that this tutorial also worked for updating to the version 0.11.7. Read his comments (potatoefist) below.


Remember to always do a backup first before doing an upgrade.

  1. Go to your blog dashboard > Labs > then hit the Export button. This will export your settings and your content to a json file that you can import whenever you need it.
  2. Make a snapshot of your cartridge by using this command in your terminal rhc snapshot save . You can read about this here.

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